About us

AGROLEAGINOSAS LOS RIOS OLEORIOS S.A. is a 100% Ecuadorian company, it was established on October 8, 2001, with 19 palm-growing partners in the sector whose objective was to boost the agricultural economy and give added value to the cultivation of African palm, transform it and thus offer crude palm oil from high quality to the local and international market. Crude palm oil extraction operations began in November 2002 at its plant located in Cantón Ventanas, Parroquia Zapotal, Recinto El Guineo, km 23 via Ventanas. This year the quantity of 1,300 Tm of RFF of African palm.

After 20 years of operations OLEORIOS S.A. Currently, it processes around 91,000 Tm of African palm RFF annually, thanks to the trust of palm growers in the area, management of its administrators and collaborators that make the growth and consolidation of the company possible.

The quality of our products, production capacity and the contribution of our collaborators in the development of new technologies, make OLEORIOS S.A. a company committed to its partners and customers, sustainable, environmentally friendly and socially responsible.

Mission and vision


Continuously improve the value chain and competitiveness of OLEORIOS S.A. by offering high quality products to customers and security to palm growers. Safeguarding the stability of the company and its collaborators, prioritizing care for the environment and social good.


To be a leading company in the production, extraction and export of high-quality palm and palm kernel oil and its by-products, minimizing the environmental and social impact, thus guaranteeing the satisfaction of our partners, clients and collaborators.

Our corporate values

They focus on our long-term perspective of winning with integrity.


Teams are the catalysts for our ideas and actions. Each team member possesses the power to influence the group. We treat this power as a privilege and a responsibility. Teamwork is the foundation of an effective, successful and fun environment in which the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Social responsability

We encourage participation both inside and outside the Company, to foster a healthy balance between our professional endeavors, family lives, communities and the environment, and to promote positive contributions to our communities.


The pursuit of excellence is not a destination, it is a journey. To achieve this, we must rise to the challenge of ownership, ensure quality in every aspect of our work, take pride in our work, products and vision, and accept that change is inevitable and that adaptability determines our future success.

Our clients

Our providers

Our main suppliers are our shareholder partners who comprise 60% of the raw material received at the plant, the remaining 40% of the raw material is from suppliers in the area.