1st Integration of collaborators Oleorios S.A.

A great recreational party was the first integration between collaborators of Oleorios S.A., held on Sunday, December 18 at Hacienda El Bosque, with the participation of our directors and shareholders.

We started with activities such as Ice Break, Team Strength, Creative Team, Amusement Park and questions of power and team reflection, thanks to Attitude Solutions and its director, Magister Adrian Granizo, with the purpose of strengthening attitudes that we must possess, as a team of work within the framework of the vision, mission, objectives and challenges that we have proposed as a company.

A men's soccer championship was also held, where happiness and fraternity prevailed among the collaborators of the different areas.

Finally, electrical appliances and many prizes were raffled among all the collaborators, as a company we feel very grateful.

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